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**UPDATED** Top Flite - B25 Print
Written by Stuart Josephs   
Thursday, 19 June 2008 13:00


Well what a surprise. That nice man from UPS delivered my new kit to my office, the B-25J Mitchell WWII Bomber from Top Flite www.top-flite.com Surprise because I only ordered it Good Friday March 21 & it arrived Wednesday March 26. Just six days door to door. Even better, it didn't get stuck in


customs. I also bought the Robart pneumatic retracts at the same time, which includes the Robart De-Lux Air Kit. So well done Chief Aircraft Inc. Model Division in Grants Pass Oregon USA www.chiefaircraft.comShipped in record time at half the price it would have been if it was available in the UK, which at the moment it isn't & no one could tell me when it was going to be released here. However, the bad news came a few weeks later when UPS, who are also responsible for collecting duty payable, sent me an invoice for £120. And I thought I'd got a way with it.I've always fancied an IC twin engine & I was just about to buy the Hangar 9 B-25 from the Model Shop, which has an 80.5" wing span but then I found the Top Flite version on line, which has only recently launched in the US with a very nice 88.5" span. It's 9th scale.The not-so-good-news is that my long-suffering wife Maureen will once again have a very large box cluttering up her kitchen for a while.

However, as it keeps me within earshot when I'm building & she's watching TV, I'll get away with it. I was going to get the engines in the US also but changed my mind as there seemed to be doubt as to what's available. The kit calls for OS MAX FS.70 Mk II Surpass but this seems to have been replaced with the OS FSa 81 Surpass, which has the same footprint. Even dealers were not sure of the situation, as the FS70 is still shown on the OS site. So I called Ripmax & they confirmed the OS FS.70 is no longer available. So, the OS FSa 81 it is. Regretfully they're about £60 more each.So I shoe-horned the massive box into the car and took it home

There's a lot of bits

but it's a darn site easier & quicker to build than the Corsair, which is languishing in its box 'till I find someone to finish the build. I can't complete the job as the CA glue & the balsa wood give me very bad flu type symptoms. Anyone out there not allergic & interested in building it, please get in touch. First the nacelles are built up to install the fuel tank, engine & the retracts & attached to the inboard wing section.

The template is used to align the engine & drill the mounting holes.

Build up the fuel tanks

Install the throttle servo in the nacelles

Then the fuel tank

Install the retracts

& give the engines a fitting

Next is to fit the fibreglass nacelle cover.

Then remove it and tape the gear doors to the cover.

and then turn it over and cement the hinges in place.

Slight problem with the doors in that they are a little warped and don't sit flat over the aperture but they are near enough. Then the wood cam & spring, which pushes open & pulls closed, the doors when the air retract is operated

Fibreglass engine cowl mounts are next.

Cut-outs for the engine & exhaust are done with a dremel.

& as you can see the cowls are fitted with replica engines.

Next was to insert the alloy wing tubes & offer up the R & L inboard wing panels to see how it all hangs

It's all coming on well but that's it for now. More soon.
Stuart Josephs June 2008

Continuing the build, fit all the control servos and build the tail section.

The nose-wheel & servo was next

& then build up and install the the air control

fitted on the same tray go the pre-cut radio receiver sections

Then add the plugs and sockets

It's all beginning to take shape now

Final assembly - fit out the nose-gunner cabin,

Tail-gunner cabin

Flight Deck

add the canopy's

guns & all the decals

Then it's complete & it looks fantastic -

Just got to fuel up - run-in the engines and then find a very experienced, brave club member to make the maiden flight.
Looking forward to the next good weather day.
Stuart Josephs July 2008