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Flying 27th July 2008 E-mail
Written by Jimbo   
Monday, 28 July 2008 05:00

That was Summer then - Flying 27th July 2008

'A warm sunny Sunday', you can count on one hand the number of times we have been able to utter those words this year ! A text message from Trev telling me that the strips were short... retract ready .... was enough to make me pack my foam and head for the hills... well I do pass a few on my way from York. I arrived mid afternoon, opened my car door and almost passed out with the heat.The flight lines were packed with models spanning 70 years of aviation history from the versatile old timers to the high spec 3D monsters.

Steve kicked off with a nostalgic trip into the past with his Junior 60 thermalling gracefully in the mid afternoon heat, the flight was so long that he had to take to his chair to regain his strength. The stress of rudder elevator left its mark on Steve but he soon regained his strength courtesy of the sizzle of bacon on his stove

Trev joined the 'mile high club' with his 'e' orion floaty glider, the yellow and red colour scheme ensuring visibility in the thermal fuelled stratosphere. Trev was joined by James's Victor, luckily James saw the possible long term problems with balancing ones head at 60 degrees and decided to put the model through its paces.

Trev wasn't wrong with his text, the strips were 'scalped' ready for retracts, the new retracts on the flyfly hawk were pumped up and she taxied out, the wind wasn't playing ball, first west, then south finally settling on southwest, the moment was seized and the porky bird was throttled up, the topography of the runway helped and the 'hump' halfway down catapulted her into the air for a scale like flight that got the crowd cheering (editors licence).

With the wind settling on the south strip Steve taxied out for some E-flite airliner fun, the gazzilion wheels set off trundling down the strip. Everyone stopped to will the liner into the air, Steve's face tightened as the end of the runway approached (either that of the aftermath of his lunch) but we underestimated the power of the little SF fans and she gracefully lifted off and headed for Leeds Bradford Airport. The performance of the e-flite setup was flawless and she flew with all the grace of her full size counterpart.

which was more that could be said for the lear jet, she looked pretty on the ground and took off in no time thanks to the ridiculously 4850KV motors but a bird strike (well inlet ring ingestion) put an end to the flight, despite a strong smell in the passengers underwear she successfully landed and an order has now been placed for some smaller motors.

Young Pete took over from Gary who had to wuss out for a barbecue and performed some unbelievable low level 3D some of which I sure was disorientation but nonetheless it looked impressive as displayed by the grin !

Connor flew an almost perfect full schedule his groovy, hopefully we can enter him into some competitions next year (no pressure).
Ashley flew his impressively large but highly manoeuvrable thermic glider and despite the wind shifting to the tricky west strip landed perfectly, not to be outdone by his son Stuart brought his u can do down again without incident.
All this and a couple of willo-the wisp's .... A super day for flying model aeroplanes.