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Friday, 19 December 2008 09:26

Connor supplied a few words for this article as inspiration to other young modellers wanting to take the world by storm ..... "ok, right, ahem.... Well I got into the hobby through flying this cheap thing I had. I flew it for about 30 seconds and thought I'd like to do this for longer. As keen as a very keen thing I ran to the lcoal model shop (several miles away) and bought an electrasport glider RTF and taught myself to fly on the stray in Harrogate with the help from Uncle Pete. Indoor flying came about when Andy from www.modelshopleeds.co.uk asked me and it was quite a while before I said yes.... When we had been a few times and found how much fun it was I said I'd like to try one of the F3P schedules, so the next session I did and shocked most people by how well I did (isn't the modesty of youth fabulous -ed). Andy was so impressed that he said I should enter the comp he was running, so i did. "

My lift arrived early on a misty Sunday morning, the short journey seemed to take forever as I was full of nerves. When I arrived Andy handed my his plane (now that's trust for you) and pressure grew .... The plane is called "silent angel" it's milled and only weighs 105g

Time ticked away and the announcers asked for someone to perform a demonstration flight of the schedule, everybody looked at the wall except me, I thought "I want to do some flying" and that's what I did..., the flight went well and calmed my nerves.

The competion was spread over 2 rounds, on the second flight I made unexpected contact with the ground but picked myself up and completed the schedule (now that professionalism). After the two rounds were completed the waiting began.... it was quick but seemed like an eternity. I thought to myself "Well that's the first one under my belt and there's always next year". I was absolutley over the moon when they announced....."

That I had achieved 2nd place in the F3P-C, this was the Nationals and I'd only been flying for a couple of years WOW !!!!! My prizes were 2 vouchers for AEROpaint Graphics, A nice trophy and my very own personalized transmitter bag from a new company based in Huddersfield who make high quality covers and accesories,
www.revoc.eu where I choose what colours and designs it has on it which I will be ordering this week .

Our trusty club treasurer 'Trev' attended the event to support connor and commented "I have to add that I think he was the best pilot there in the C schedule and if he hadn't bumped the hard stuff on his second flight I'm sure he would have come first. He flew more smoothly and with more control and precision than everyone else doing the C (well all except for the bump of course, but even that was controlled in a sense). His discipline, in the way he controlled the plane, was excellent. For example, he was the only person in the C schedule to do proper rectangular circuits with a pronounced straight wings level on the short legs, everyone else had circular ends. His height was pretty much constant throughout, no wandering up and down, and his direction was always good - no drifting in our out from the flight line."

Well done Connor...... no pressure but we expect First place next year !!!!