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Flying Sunday 19th April 2009 E-mail
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Friday, 24 April 2009 10:31

Flying Sunday 19th April 2009

At last a glorious sunny Sunday ! The sunny weather brought out our members en mass for a cracking day flying.....

Our newest member Julian brought filled his car with a variety of EDF models, his EDF quest performed very well, as did his Alfa Sabre until a mixture of sun and old lipos brought is down just at the wrong time ....

John Carby Hall's wife made a guest appearance to provide moral support to his ongoing battle with 'lipos and pawnee's' although the sun again played havoc the flight was smooth and she performs admirably on 1/3 throttle. The Hangar 9 Pawnee is really a very stylish looking bird and the slow passes with flaps are very impressive.

Ashley dusted off his Hangar 9 Funtana X and Chip Hyde double vision bipe for some fun. The bipe was enjoying a return to petrol power from electric and performed very well. Ashley gave young Connor a go of the bipe and winced as the manoeuvres become lower and more spectacular... another one on Connor's wish list !

Graham 'next field Keegan' and Steve 'what do you mean it doesn't do that Stringer' came for the 'week'! I wish I had their forethought (and space) to pack the kitchen sink !. Graham enjoyed more adrenaline fuelled MPX funjetisms until the chants of 'lower, lower' were too much and she buried herself at an inopportune moment, apparently it will repair but the question is which century !

Stuart Josephs brought his recently repaired messerschmit, last time the elevator linkage sheared leading to a destroyed fuselage, unfortunately the reborn messerschmit suffered from running out of fuel on a low pass without enough inertia to turn for a landing, apparently the fuselage is repairable and we look forward to seeing her in action again soon.

The day ended with some glider towing, my trusty Tug pulled Steve K18 and Connor's (on loan) Discuss for some soaring, no thermals were about so flights were quite short but nonetheless enjoyed by all, including the array of spectators.

All in all it was a cracking day, the first of hopefully many this year, anyone reading this wanting to join the club please come up, if the weather is good there are usually plenty of people up on a Sunday to have a natter with.