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Flying Sunday 26th April 2009 E-mail
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 07:51

Flying Sunday 26th April 2009

It wasn't any ordinary Sunday at the north Leeds Model flying club.......

Stuart was up for his third maiden of his YT international Meesserschmitt and wins the award for perseverance as the video shows, I've got to say the flying is eclipsed by Steve's dialogue though !

Steve had been wrestling with the conundrum of how to launch his electrified ASW22, some will remember the first 'dolly launch' attempts a few months ago (above).....

The result of many weeks of design were displayed on Sunday afternoon for all (well the members who came for fly) to see. The problems of gaining speed had been overcome by a bungee and lift off facilitated by some carefully crafted EPP and a robart model stand, pretty it wasn't but it oozed engineering functionality !

I turned up in the hope of doing some aerial video, previous attempts had failed due the flycamone giving up after 20 seconds so I opted for a 'strap on' approach with my camcorder. We were going to Tow Steve's K18 up for the camera but alas the wings were still at Steve's house and although we discussed at length the chances of emulating a missile and levelling out at the last minute O opted to go it alone ..... Overall a very interesting afternoon...