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Written by jimbo and Mark   
Monday, 10 August 2009 14:47

Well that was summer then .... Flying 6-9 August 2009

Rufforth show weekend usually guarantees monsoon conditions, however the cunning decision to move the show to early August confused the weather demons and made for some very nice flying days at NLMFC.......

Mark and his chocolate imbibing mate Joe arrived with his e-flite Taylorcraft and Edge. I was amazed to see that the taylorcraft performed 3D manoeuvres better that the edge, whether it was meant to remains to be determined, still they we both flown very well.

Team Connor (supported by John and Pete) were out in force with Connor cadging a go with everyones model in a desperate attempt to rid himself of the title 'Boy Blunder'. Although we give him a lot of stick he really is very gifted pilot with the potential most could only dream of, I've lost count of the number of times he has flown my models and I've said it doesn't do that ! Connor flew his giant afriel and his new Fliton mini inspire with all the precision of a FIA pilot commenting that it was 'extremely good unlike customs who held it up for some time and demanded random charges based on quantum mechanics!'

Bill got plenty of air time with his puffin models filip, not long to go before he gets his green peg.

It was a bit of a mixed bag for Ashley and Stuart, the P51's performed very well with the Trusty Laser 180's never missing a beat, Ashely's fast past over John's flying boat was most impressive, unless you were John who was a bit worried that his new model would end up as a packing case ! Unfortunately Stuart's U-Can-Do now can't do a right lot as the sun got in the way of a fast pass and the model collided with the ground at high speed. Ashley's knife edge manoeuvre with his Bipe induced a vicious flick roll that again met the ground in the next field with an unpleasant thud.

Steve proved he could still fly after extensive undergoing medical experiments to his head a few days before, he flew his 30 year old mannock on Thursday proving it can still create an atmosphere. Unfortunately his grossly overpowered spitfire suffered major engine failure and all 3 phases combined in mid air ! Still the E-flite airliner went very well, all passengers arrived safely, probably ahead of schedule but likely with a few coffee stains !

John provide that a modest Honda could accommodate a large array of models, his gyro assisted Pawnee proved a great flyer until the ESC overheated causing an impromptu landing in the long grass, his britflight H-two-o proved a great thermal soarer, John was not very impressed with the kit which came with the wrong motor and tail plane but it sure is light and a single charge appeared to last for an eternity. John also showed off his fancy 'OAP' charger with big buttons and big numbers !

I took advantage of the fine weather an packed my estate to the brim with models, Connor flew the radio modeller plan Vulcan on tow from my electric Taxi tow plane, the hunter's maiden flight was good (except the CG was too far forward causing 'exciting' inverted flight

Overall another fine days flying at the club, anyone passing (and there were plenty of visitors) please pop in an enjoy the fun, even better join our club..... it's GRRREAT!