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Flying Weekend 19-20 September 2009 E-mail
Written by jimbo Graham & Tom   
Monday, 28 September 2009 13:36

Flying 19th & 20th September 2009

At last some decent weather, I'm sure September is the new August !

Connor took great advantage of the unusually calm conditions to practice his indoor routine outdoors, although he tells us he doesn't need his eyes testing and his thick wrists are from incessant stick waggling he does like to fly close in! all joking apart he's flying was breathtaking, which was more than can be said for his general awareness as we spent about half an hour looking for his IPod which he thought he had dropped when he ran into the next field to recover the bits for Pete who unfortunately lost his new Artex Katana to radio failure. After a fruitless search boy blunder (aka Connor) found it right next to the pits where he had been chucking a Multiplex Fox around. Speaking of the Fox Conner spent a good part of his afternoon recovering it from the trees behind the pits. The windsock came in useful! He even had to climb a tree at one point and he admitted that it was the first tree he had ever climbed. We thought as much as nobody there had ever seen anyone climb a tree with their back to the trunk facing out!!

Jimbo brought his Tug (to tow Steve's glider up) and his old Vulcan which even asfter so many years still thermals with the best of them .....

Steve brought the most photographed planes with him. Parading his recently acquired but completely rebuild P38, his ever faithful Zenoah 62 powered mega wot and his relaxing junior 60e. The Mega Wot towed up gliders all day long without missing a beat it brought back memories of the mid 80's when we used to travel around the country putting on events for everyone who asked.

Dave Tappin brought his unapproved 'dawn patrol' variant WOT4 and after complaining profusely about foam models and electric aeroplanes flew repeated left hand circuits with rolls in between as if it were a pylon racing competition, they didn't do that in WW1 Dave !

All in all it was a most enjoyable weekend, its just a pity they are few and far between at the moment, it would appear that wind is becoming the general miscreant of modern day model flying ! Many thanks to Graham and Tom for sneding me the photos and words.