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22 | 02 | 2019
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Written by James Gamble   
Monday, 26 October 2009 19:11

Voltij - Build and Fly review by James Gamble


It was cold, windy and overcast and I’m on top of Baildon Moor stood next to my trusty old Phase 6 waiting for my set when some guy walks to the edge of the slope, shouts out his frequency and lobs a model into the sky – good old Baildon rules! I watched for a while and then decided to join in.

Now my Phase 6 is an old design but still manages to perform all the manoeuvres and with this in mind I started to track up and down the slope following this guy’s model.

Could I keep up - no!

Was my roll rate as fast and sharp as his – no!

Could he climb when I couldn’t – yes, even when he was inverted!

When he passed the ‘full’ length of the slope in knife edge I popped the burning question ‘what model is that?’ He replied ‘Voltij’. I was still no wiser so I brought the 6 in for a quick landing and spent the next half hour watching this aerobatic fish.

I need one. You should buy one I said to myself.

So I did.


£395 kit

£40 Nemo colour scheme

£140 Fast Digital Servos

£15 Battery£45 Receiver

£5 Battery checker

£15 Silicone / Epoxy

£15 Carbon foam board

£???? Time and effort

Total £670 ish

Produced in France and with and delivery date of 6 weeks this gave me time to get all the bits and bats for installation.

I purchased mine form South Coast Sail Planes but in hindsight it would have been cheaper to order it direct from France. There’s not much in the kit, just wings / tail and a fuselage shell plus some piano wire and carbon rods yep, I thinks that’s all you get for your money – not much really but the quality is outstanding.

The glider was well packed in a plain brown box and after opening it up and jumping around for joy with the colour scheme the daunting task of building came.

I always have a moan at the instructions supplied with kits and these were in French! With a quick scan on the internet I found Kevin Newton’s review which answered all my questions and gave great tips and pointers for the build such as silicon hinging the rudder and drilling perfectly parallel holes through the fuselage for the carbon fibre wing joiners and tail section. The kit allows you to choose between an all moving tail or a standard one, flaps, or you could even do an electric conversion like some French guy came up with on a forum!

At this point I must say a special thank you Andy Briggs from Leeds Model Shop who popped round to my house and offered excellent advice on more than a few occasions. Thanks Andy.

The concept of securing the cockpit seems to have been conceived on the back of a beer mat in the local pub (after a few), so once again you have to come up with you’re own ideas (I used neo magnets).

Anyway after the epic building sessions it was time for the first flight so I trotted off to Beacon Hill, not the best slope for a first flight as your virtually flying over Halifax town centre, but when the wind is on this slope is fantastic. It’s urban soaring at its best.

With a range check sorted and C of G double checked my confidence was growing, cigar in mouth and ski goggles on I threw it off the edge.

I added two clicks of down trim as it flew away, then gained some height and spent about 5 minutes just soaring around.

The wing section is MG05 and offers identical performance either way up.

In the air the Voltij is just precision!

After a shallow dive to gain speed, I pulled vertical – the idea was to perform a stall turn but this model just has awesome energy retention, it seems to defy gravity. Up it climbed, so much that I forgot about the stall turn and performed a snap roll at the peak knowing I had so much ground clearance to pick up the pace again.

So there’s the up side, the down side is that it’s very costly, the build is a bit annoying and its not as resilient to knocks and bangs as other models but it’s performance makes it all worthwhile.

Now if I could just tow this model from the strip!!! I’m sure the lads at the club could figure out how to do it!!!

Photos below

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James Gamble