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Sunday, 13 December 2009 22:28

H&M Performance FW190 with Sound !

After reading an old article in one of the mags left in our club hut I couldn't help thinking I'd like to try this sound thingy stuff in my recently acquired H&M FW190 (cheers Scott Cupello!) After looking about I opted for the Bendini mini system from http://www.benedini.de/ together with a USB programming dongle and amp. A few days later the goodies arrived in a very small box and I thought some chance of getting a large sound out of this thing but oh how wrong I was ....

After doing more research on the wibbly wobbly I found a very knowledgeable chap called John Ransom (who wrote a recent series "Corsair with Sound" in QEFI). I was clue less as to what speakers to purchase for the system and John pointed me in the direction of http://www.impactaudio.co.uk/. After a long conversation with Neil on a Friday night I determined that the best speakers to go for were the full range products manufactured by Visaton and very affordable as well !

The H&M FW190 suffers like most electric warbirds from stumpy nose syndrome and Scott had loaded the cowl with a lot of lead which gave me an idea to stick the speakers in the cowl rather that in the wings, doing some quick measurements I found that I could only fit 3" speakers in the cowl but Neil at impact audio found me just the ones to fit that were the correct spec for the amp.

After reading through the forums (there isn't much info about though) I found that most professionals had built a sound box for the system and carefully located the amp so it had maximum cooling to ensure a constant sound. I didn't like the idea of building a sound box as space was tight so hacked a 3" section from the bottom of the cowl and installed B&Q's smallest architectural mesh and painted it yellow to match.

Mounting the speakers and amp gave me a headache for a while, I wanted the biggest speakers possible so knew that I would struggle with brackets (needing to avoid vibration etc), hunting through the 'just in case' box in the garage I found two plastic cupboard brackets, just the job !, I also used a strip of aluminum to join the speakers and amp which would also double as a heat sink for the amp.

When the speakers arrived I couldn't help myself and had to do a dummy run, this was easier said than done as although I could fire them up no probs to get everything working how I wanted it took a little longer, the software is techie with lots of settings to play with, most of which meant nothing to me and if I'd just wanted an engine noise to play it would have been easy but easy generally doesn't figure in my nature so after a couple of late nights the penny dropped and hey presto engine and guns on the slider. The Bendini web site has a number of engine sounds to download but if you can't find the correct sound you can import your own using the software and USB dongle.

Unfortunately the poor English weather and umpteen kids parties meant she has been sat for several weeks in the garage but this afternoon she took to the sky, unfortunately the wind drowned the sound but its still good enough for you to get a feel for what's possible for little cash.....