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Sunday, 03 January 2010 22:07

Mad Dogs and Australians ! - Flying 3rd January 2010

Our antipodean member Trev posted on our club forum that there was a light dusting of snow and flying would be no problem. After navigating untreated roads (why do we pay council tax ?) I arrived at our club at about 10:00am, it was snowing (for a change) and the padlock was frozen up, after peeling my skin from the lock I sat in my car and made some quick phone calls tempting members to join in the 'tropical' conditions and to bring some de-icer..... just in case, they took the bait and soon we had a gaggle of members eager to get into the air !

Our hero and the youngest kindly offered to clear the strips of the couple of inches of snow, unfortunately they teach you nuffin in school these days, and it was left to Pete and Jimbo to clear a short runway. Work was mobilized by our Aussie pal Trev who shouted orders from the sidelines and commented that it was 30+ degrees back in Oz

Apparently de-icer is rarer than a calm summer so Pete opted to open the hut with some WD40, this allowed Trev to keep his 'down under' lipos happy.

Steve brought a brush with him, apparently he was on his way out to buy some milk but stayed for most of the day ! Insurers take note for future scratch claim !. By now it was 12:00 and the more civlised members arrived, opting to abandon their vehicles to ensure they could get some help to get out if things got troublesome. Ashley and Stuart both arrived but only Ashley dared remove a model from his car, Stuart opted for the more social side of the hobby ! Peter Jackson was amazed that he made it in his Citroen, some say they are rubbish in the snow as the French are far too civilised to venture out in it

We did do some flying, as the video shows, Connor tried to use his spats as skids alas to no avail in the deep snow, Jimbo flew his noisy A7 (need to balance the fan) which slid along the snowy runway with all the grace of Torvil and Dean.

The day was not without event Connor managed to eject the tuned pipe on Pete's YAK, luckily El Presidente used his Aztec powers to determine its position and the exhaust was found with little problem.

Jimbo proved that EDF's were good hoovers with a touch and go (on launch) that resulted in his HP F16 requiring both an upper and lower endoscopy to removed impacted white stuff.

Overall it was a great day, full of fun, lets hope 2010 continues in that vain, life is sometimes far too serious !