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Flying Saturday 19th January 2008 E-mail
Written by Jimbo   
Saturday, 19 January 2008 18:12

">Nice parking !Well, what can I say, I arrived at about 1pm and after navigating Trev's wonderful parking (I know there's planty of space in Aus but your in Armscliffe now mate !!!!) managed to park my car (there were only 2 other cars in the car park so still no excuse Trev !).

With the wind blowing and nobody in sight I wandered over to the hut to find Gary, Connor and Steve contemplating a good summer whilst sheltering from the wind and cold, you can tell Gary is a surrogate yorshireman as he was forever playing with the setting on

the fire, unfortunately there was no lower setting that off !!!

After a few cups of coffee we ventured out for a fly,

considering there was only a few people there the flightline was packed with every conceivable aircraft .... With only a limited time before sunset hit we headed for the soggy strip

for a bit of EDF'ing with the F16, Wild 3D aerobatics with the Addication, the FIA schedule with Connors mini funtana and topped off with a spot of glider towing with the Vulcan and trusty Wot 4.

Despite some hairy moments.... broken props, torn elevator, glitching induced spins (with an elevon model) everything was taken home in one piece, mainly due to the adhesive properties of solarfilm !!!!

Enjoy the pictures ......

I'm getting good at the 3d lark !