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Sunday, 20 January 2008 18:58

Addiction by precision Aerobatics - Short review by Gary Clayton

Show off !This was an impulse buy after watching the great video’s of it flying on YouTube. I say impulse, but I actually had been after a bigger 3D machine for some time now after owning a small profile 3D plane called “Sammy”.

I went for the combo version which included the recommend motor, “Thrust 20” which was made by PA especially for this model using an APC 11X5.5E prop on 1800 to 2200 3cell lipo’s.

As I already had had the 2200 lipo’s it was just a matter of sorting out the ESC, 4 servos (Hitec HS65) and 2.4 GHz spectrum receiver (6200) and then onto the building – well ok assemble. I won’t go into that much detail, as it being an ARTF there is not that much work to do.

I started by making sure that all the control surface are flat, both my ailerons where badly warped, but this is covered in the superb manual on how to correct this issue. Next it’s assemble the tail feathers on to the fuzz, and as all control surfaces come pre hinged and sealed there’s not that much to do!, following on to the motor mount and motor installation then fitting the servo’s and ESC.

What I found very different build wise were the control rods as they are carbon and you have to assembly the wire end by binding them to the carbon rod using cyno, string and heat shrink tubing. Not hard though, just different.

After installing the receiver, setting up 45 deg of movement on all surfaces and doing a range check there was no excuse for not flying her.

Maiden Flight


I stood on the edge of our strip with the Addiction in my right hand at around a 75 deg up angle. I opened the throttle to just under half and let her go. Well she just sat there! So sod it and straight into a hover at around 6 feet off the deck. Grinning from ear to ear, I had already fallen for this one big time.

Conner was by now muttering something about me trimming it out, so I opened up the taps and she flew off like a home sick angel and with just 2 clicks of left aileron she was as straight as a die hands off.

I immediately felt at home with this bird as it flew like it was on rail’s, coupled with the fact she is very docile with no tendencies to bite when pushed, great for learning 3D with then!.

I have since moved the CG back quite a bit to improve its hovering capability, as well as a change of prop to an 11x3.8 APC SF for more thrust and less forward speed.


I can’t recommend this Addiction enough, in words just superb covers it!