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The FIrst Green Peg of the Year E-mail
Written by Trev   
Saturday, 09 February 2008 21:25

Well, Haddon rang me last week, and explained that because Nathaniel and John (Carby-Hall) had such hectic social lives they couldn't arrange a training session for Nat this weekend, and would I possibly be able to make it at 2.30 on Saturday. Having seen Nat's flying before under John's expert tutelage I was pretty confident my somewhat amateur (that'd be non-existent) skills as a trainer wouldn't really be required, so I swallowed any trepidation I might have had and agreed.

So, at the appointed time Nat arrived, with Haddon in tow, assembled his plane and flew a perfect first flight, several circuits both directions, both high and low, and finally a nice flair for a perfect landing on all three wheels and a taxi back up the strip. A quick change of battery and another perfect flight. By this time John had turned up having snuck out of a family do, and a quick confab between him, Gary, Haddon and I and we decided it really was time to see Nat through his green peg. His flying is now excellent, he is in full control of the plane, he flies it rather than it flying him, and he seems to have finally cracked the landing. So we put it to him, last battery and all, would he like Gary to take him to try for the Green Peg?

Of course he would. We went right back to square one, as if he'd just arrived on the strip, and he talked Gary through everything he was doing - aeroplane check, peg on, shout frequency, transmitter on, receiver on, control check, receiver off, out the the strip, receiver on, control check, take off. Nice climb-out, upwind circuit, downwind circuit, upwind low pass, downwind low pass, no problems, and then the dreaded landing. Once again, a perfect touch-down on all three wheels!

Back to the pits, and the final switch-off and check. Excellent, a flight really well done, and Gary had no hesitation passing him and awarding the Green Peg. And, I have to say, he did it better than some - when I did my Green Peg Peter Jackson made me do it again because the first time I landed off the runway!

Well done Nathaniel!! Now then, Haddon, it's your turn next ...