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Written by Jimbo   
Friday, 28 March 2008 14:26

 Overlander Talk - Thursday 27th March 2008.. What a Great Night

John, Paul, Ollie and his Dad Stan drove the 97 miles (most of it on fumes) to get to the Mexborough Arms for the club's quarterly meeting.

After a ‘swifter’ to settle the nerves they set up their array of gear, including a very impressive 88” EF Yak, powered by a Thumper 8085 and 10S Kokam 4800 cells pulling 98 amps, safe to say it took several people to keep it still.

Paul opened the talk with some news on new Overlander products and how the market for batteries and motors was making electric models a preferred option.

John (MD of Overlander) explained the honest philosophy of the company and showed their 1Kw test gear that they use to test batteries to ensure what it says it does, more on this later. I was personally impressed with the moral honesty of the company, they do not trade solely on price and research their suppliers thoroughly.

John demystified some of the ‘numbers game’ that seems to engulf electric flight and explained what numbers matter in order to get that perfect setup. John explained the history of Overlander focussing on their 30 year plus experience with batteries, he then unveiled the test gear and everyone gathered round to see if batteries did what they said on the tin.

After several tests it became apparent that some well known manufacturers C ratings are greatly exaggerated but not Overlander, I for one will now only buy performance batteries from Overlander.

The evening rounded off with a quiz kindly developed by Overlander’s frontline office staff, Barry’s unique answers to the multiple choice questions got plenty of laughs and prizes were given to all, although it seems some shirt manufacturers size claims are also exaggerated ! NLMFC thanks Overlander for giving up their time to come and talk to us and look forward to seeing them again at a fly-in if the weather ever improves ! Put in links to Overlander and Ollie's YouTube videos, as Paul eloquently put it 'every club's got one' ... No pressure Connor !