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Flying 14th April 2008 E-mail
Written by jimbo   
Tuesday, 15 April 2008 11:00

Flying 14th April 2008

After a long spell of unsettled weather even earlier in the morning the heavens cleared, the wind subsided and hey presto a few of us turned up for a fly ….

There were a few new models test flown, fist up was Barry’s Catalina, although the grass was wet we could not replicate a pond and so opted for a handlaunch. Despite much debate about angle of incidence she flew straight and level (a symbol of good building !) after a couple of sorties for the cameras and changes to the differential the flight pack was expended and she was returned to the ground …

Next up was Graham with his ripmax p-51, after playing guess the tune with his speed controller and a lengthy discussion about whether to use the small holes in the wings to launch or not Steve took up the challenge and she was tossed aloft, a very steep climb indicated that the motor was mounted at a high incline but Graham persevered until the speed controller indicate that his lipo was not too great and she was returned to the ground safely…

It was an afternoon of poor batteries, graham’s Acromaster was grounded due to a defective lipo, young testosterone fuelled Conner suffered with a poor pack that would not give him the high alpha knife edge rush he was looking for and my new pack on the Acromaster gave too much power that resulted in the engine mount shaking loose !

My MIG was brought into the arena after being upgraded with a jet screamer motor and 4 lipos, it took off from the wet grass with authority and although bent flew very quietly but very fast !, I took some video on the camera and clocked the speed with wavoscope at 97mph, I reckon with a bit of tweaking we could get it over the ton mark.

Steve was up next flying his fvk graphit giving it some of that pilot stuff, can you spot it …. At one point the clouds blew by under him ! but this was swiftly followed by a 399m dive and low pass that blew us all away .. nochance of ripping the wings off

Trev flew his Cularis masterfully showing that antipodeans can fly the right way up

After the thrill of high speed it was over to the 3d boys, not content with having 4 sammi’s in the club the sheep have been out buying more addictions and we now have a very fetching green one, these were expertly flown by Gary and Pete

Connor has been on the receiving end of some grief over in the forums but he flew like a expert showing his aerobatic prowess to the full and topping it off with a fantastic low level knife edge pass, its not long ago that both Pete and Connor wee learning to fly !

The day was rounded off with Steve and Gary flying their junior and super sixty, Gary proved that Ben Buckle was ahead of his time and they will hover, I must admit that he probably overdid the elastic bands somewhat ! Overall it was a fantastic afternoon that made a refreshing change from watching the wind and rain lash down …..