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Flying 15th May 2008 E-mail
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Saturday, 17 May 2008 04:24

Gary, Jimob, Graham, Connor and John turned out for a spot of evening flying on 15th May, I arrived at 6pm to find a very glum Gary complaining that he his 'tranny' battery has discharged and his 'old' but perfectly ok nimh's were on charge at less that 0.1C, we calculated that, at this rate, he would be ready to retire before he could fly !. I offered to lend him my spare pack but alas the standardisation of this hobby is not quite up to scratch and an XH to FP - doofer plug wasn't readily available in a filed in the middle of nowhere !. After moaning some more Gary was going to go home but insisted on waiting to see my BAE Hawk fly, after what seemed ages in pumping up the retracts and setting it up Gary took some photos and it was off to the strip ......

Sadly it was not to be, the grass was too long for its tiny wheels and the wind was cyclonic but seemed to settle on our backs every time we tried to 'scramble'…

Depressed and desponded our beloved chairman began to pack his cularis away when who should arrive young Connor ably assisted by a very sprightly John. After verbosely recounting Gary's dilemma Connor announced that he could save the day and supplied Gary with a fully charged transmitter pack whoo hoo Suddenly there was a beep at the Gate and Connor came galloping over, almost crashing his Extra to let Graham in

What followed was a debauched frenzy of modelling mayhem that culminated in Graham asking if his puffed lipos (twice the original width) were ok for another fly in his acromaster, alas our chairman and acting safety rep for the day called time on Grahams chemistry and they were cast out into the field for some frying, alas we did not have a pan for some bacon sarnies .... We went our separated ways happy in the thought that Graham would arrive home safely !