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Saturday, 17 May 2008 08:24

John, Graham, Steve and Jimbo turned out to the monthly electric meet at Tockwith on Sunday 8th June. The regular monthly events are hosted by the Brighouse club and are on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 10am. A phone call from Graham at 09:50 alerted me to the fact that Sat Nav's are no good if you don't know where you are going but after a tour of the highlights of Tockwith we managed to find the site (situated next to the Go Kart track).Flying is from a 400m stretch of the old runway. Upon arrival we were immediately dive bombed by John Carby hall who was flying his new parkzone 'indoor' flyer, the weather was idyllic, no wind and beautiful sunshine for miles around ..... After the pilots briefing from Jack we wandered the already busy flight line to see what our friends were up to.....

First up there was Ewan with his Albatros, its quite a diverse model and is interchangeable between Turbine and EDF, this being an electric meet the model was setup for EDF with a Schubler DS, NEU motor on 8 lipos, the model performed superbly and Ewan said that he preferred 8S lipos (the motor is good for 12S) as he could just about keep up with the model ! …

With the weather being so calm and warm there was an abundance of models usually seen on the indoor circuit, they all flew very well and its certainly sparked my interest for the future.....

There was a lot of interest in the Hangar 9 piper pawnee, a super 80" 40 size ARF for £125, the scale details looked super and the plane flew very well on the E-flite 46 brushless with 4 Lipos(

As the morning progressed the flight line became congested with NLMFC members, John was flying his Katana with all the skill of a show pilot... just look at his concentration !. Graham was putting his rainbow through its paces and yes it does do 3D !

After flying my Hawk, Edge, F16 etc it was time to setup the commercial planes for their sortie, Steve kindly put his E-flite airliner together for the photos and although I had left reported that if flew exceptionally well on the stock setup. My lear jet flew well and looked very good in the sky, unfortunately one of the motors (£9 chinese clone) was not quite wound as stated and this resulted in the fans being out of sync causing a noisy flight, the landing pulled a collet from the wheel and then disaster struck, smoke plumed from the nacelle and after a safe evacuation for the nauseous passengers it was found the the fan unit had fused to the motor. Overall it was a super day, hope to seem some more members at future fly-ins, oh and by the way there is a large expanse of long grass at the other side of the runway for those flying EDF or Gliders !