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Written by Jimbo   
Monday, 16 June 2008 03:00

A Tale of Two Halves - Flying 13th June 2008

Woody.... sorry I mean our chairman Gary sporting his 'new job' haircut kicked the evening off with a series of adrenaline

infused passes with his ever so slippery fvk graphit, the applause of the membership present was deafening and the smiles as Gary attempted to break the DS record (with no hill to help) set the tone for a fun filled evening.

Connor, John, Graham, Steve and Trev's smiles said it all, the evening was calm and dry. To calm the high spirits Trev produced his latest purchase, the Parkzone Ember a 20g marvel of micro technology, try as we might (and believe me we tried) we could not stop this little bird, she took off from the wings of other planes, swooped and climbed with F3A pernache we all had a go some even opting to fly an unfamiliar mode in the hope of confusing the ember but alas (although not for Trev) the little mite returned home safely every time ......

Graham sought to redress the balance with his P51 screaming around the sky, swooping and soaring like the 3D machine its inventors Raymond Rice and Edgar Schmued had always hoped for, the power of Graham's chinese 'merlin 61' was awesome until disaster struck after an extraordinary low pass, luckily all was well and more harriers, inverted spins and other traditional manoeuvres were performed.

Next up was Connor with his trusty E-flite Extra which again performed flawlessly, the high alpha knife edge cut the already short grass until disaster struck following an inverted flat spin, as with the mustang the long grass saved the day and although a little shaken young Connor took to the skies again in pursuit of that 'perfect flight' alas the knife edge pass was so low that disaster struck shearing the rudder servo and dislodging the engine mount, never mind though with 'yoof' on his side a quick trip to the model shop will ensure more 3D performances soon...

As the skies darkened trev decided that some old timer fun was in order with his tribute to old things in the form of Ben Buckle Junior 60. The model was traditionally presented with elegant lines and a touch of colour to break up the otherwise 'medical glove' appearance that anyone with chalfont st giles would wince at ! True to its era the plane pottered around the heavy sky so docile that it allowed Trev to recount his lazy days in oz using wild gesticulations akin to the best fisherman tales.

'Time to for a bit of glider towing' Graham exclaimed, 'ok sir' retorted the humble tug pilot, Graham had remembered all his constituent parts this week so Jimbo unrolled the line and patiently waited for the arrival of Graham's glider (named after some kind of cloud I think). After a short delay the glider arrived and Steve was passed the tranny with a quiet 'trim it out steve' although the rudder snake was a bit loose we were reassured that it had always been that way so without further ado power was applied and away we went. The vario announced that 399 feet had been reached in no time and so the uneventful tow ended, Steve trimmed out the glider and we returned to terra firmer for Graham's go. Another tow to 399 feet saw Graham loose half of the height in a stall, still it was possibly fortuitous as the skies turned black and the rain started .....

The rain fell and we all retreated into the hut, alas my Tug was too portly to fit so I draped a shower curtain over it in the hope that it would keep my plane safe, after 10 minutes the rain was still falling so I borrowed John's umbrella to protect the plane, alas I was a little too late and water had penetrated into the fuselage causing the tow release to swell so as is often the savior of english cricket 'rain stopped play' ! Whilst on the subject of cricket our Aussie mate Trev showed us all how he dances at the one day test matches, Steve provided the music cunningly utilising a wing joiner as a native digeridoo.... truly amazing