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Monday, 09 February 2015 22:10

flying 8-2-15

Flying(!) 8th February 2015


As the clouds parted and the sun shone a few brave flyers ventured out for a bit of fun, there were quite a few laughts, some very innovative tech and a lesson in blended waterfalls !


Nick's a hardy soul (depite his accent) and put in a cracking show with his DA50 Extra, Hughes Heli and ST Blaze warmliner, the speed his thumbs were moving generated enough heat to melt a glacier !

Andy threatened to fly his Wot4XL uuntil the cold bit and the battery on my camcorder went flat, he did try synchro flying with his ST Blaze and gave an admiral performance. The rest of the day was spent chewing the fat in Steve's car with the heater on!

Stevie K's an early doors man, when I arrived he'd already flown his Taft ViperJet but water had got into the flaps and prevented it from flying again. Stevie also brought his flying wings (see video) which did an impressive touch and go. Stevie's so impressed with his flying wing that he bought a jacket in the same colours to remind himself of it !

Nidge is our resident tech expert, and brought some great toys that were very well demonstrated in the cold and windy conditions. His hobbyking Trainstar was equipped with an APM sutopilt system that was well dialed in, the system coped admirably with the wind and made the model handle like it was indoors. Nidge also brough his hexacopter and demonstatrated FPV and waypoint flying, control was either through his taranis TX or Ipad all to great effect, the video shows more

The car park was a busy place during the afternoon with club members dropping in for a chat, the 'who's going flying' system on the website certainly helps keep things alive. Steve visited to show progress on his fly away rebuild, evidence of some serious modelling on the tailplane ! John arrived to find out what all the fuss was about and soon followed by Paul who sohed us all how not to hand lauch an EDF !

I left the cabane strust for my decathlon so resorted to the well worn Acromaster (it really does need retiring), I also brough a couple of EDF modells, an FMS F16 and a HET F/18, the forecast was windy which suits hand launched EDF models (as long as the launcher can throw !!!!) but watch the video

Overal a great afternoons entertainment