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22 | 02 | 2019
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North Leeds Model Flying Club



  1. The club shall be known as “North Leeds Model Flying Club”.


  1. To promote and encourage the building and flying of model aircraft
  2. To develop in all members a serious and responsible attitude to safety and good relations with the general public.
  1. The Committee shall consist of three Officers (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), and up to four elected Committee Members all who have a vote in Committee.
  2. All Committee Members shall assume a shared role as Safety Officers.
  3. All Committee Members shall be elected at the AGM (or Extraordinary General Meeting – EGM – see 9i) and shall be eligible for re-election at subsequent AGMs.
  4. Other non-voting Committee members can be co-opted to the Committee by the Officers.
  5. All voting members of the Committee shall have a vote, but the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
  1. The Committee shall meet as and when required. A quorum shall consist of three members (at least two of which are Officers, i.e. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer).
  2. All disputes within the club shall be settled by the Committee.
  3. The Committee has responsibility for developing the club rules and regulations, and amending these as and when required.
  4. The Committee shall have the right to withdraw membership (temporary or permanent) from any member if they feel it is in the best interests of the club.
  5. The Committee may pay accounts and incur any normal liabilities on behalf of the club.
  6. If a Committee Member engages or becomes involved in court proceedings, whether criminal or civil in his representative capacity on behalf of the club, as opposed to his capacity as a private individual, the club insurance will indemnify the Committee Member in respect of any fines or damages or costs awarded against the Committee Member.
  7. In the event of a Committee Member being awarded damages or costs in the course of proceedings taken by him in his representative capacity, such damages or costs will belong to the Club and not the Committee Member personally and upon receipt that Committee Member will pay them to the Club Treasurer.
  1. Shall receive all monies due to the club.
  2. Keep a correct account of the financial affairs.
  3. Shall present a written Statement of Accounts to the AGM.
  4. Shall ensure that two signatures of elected officers are used to authorise cheques for payment in the name of the club.
6. AGM
  1. The AGM shall be held approximately annually.
  2. The business of the AGM shall be:
    1. To receive reports from Officers, as appropriate;
    2. To elect a Committee for the coming year;
    3. To determine Annual Subscriptions and consider changes to the Constitution, if necessary.
  3. At the discretion of the Chairman, to deal with any other resolutions and business appropriate to the meeting.
  4. The outgoing Officers shall retain their place until the end of the meeting
  5. Proposed changes to the constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing, at least 14 days prior to the AGM.
The Club Year to run from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. Subscriptions will be voted and agreed at the AGM. They will be due every twelve months from the time of joining the club, and the Treasurer shall be responsible for the issuing of reminders and for the collection of subscriptions that are due. Reminders will be recorded, and any member who has not paid their subscription within four weeks of receiving the reminder will be deemed to have resigned from the club, and will not be allowed to fly.

              BMFA membership must be in place before flying.

  1. The Committee may consider removal from the roll of members any member whose conduct on the field or elsewhere is considered to be prejudicial to the club. Dismissal will be in accordance with the following procedure in order to comply with the laws of natural justice:
    1. The member is to be given a verbal warning by an authorised Committee Member in which the member is made aware of his misdemeanor and what he/she is reasonably required to do to make amends.
    2. If the member does not respond, he/she is to be given a written warning by the Committee advising him/her of his/her misdemeanor and what he/she is reasonably required to do to make amends.
    3. If he/she still fails to respond, the Committee should invite him/her in writing to meet with them at a previously agreed date and time to discuss the situation, advising that they are considering withdrawal of his membership.
    4. If he/she still fails to respond to reasoning or fails to attend without reasonable cause, the Committee can advise him/her in writing that his/her membership is withdrawn, stating the reasons why this decision was reached.
    5. When the member is advised of withdrawal of his/her membership, he/she must be given the right of appeal. If he/she opts to appeal, this will be to the Club membership at an EGM which the Committee would call on his/her behalf at a previously agreed date and time. The motion to uphold the membership withdrawal or reverse it must be in accordance with the voting procedures set out in the Club Constitution.
  1. All meetings will be agendered and minuted. Agenda and any other business items will only be accepted at general meetings if the Secretary is given at least 14 days notice in writing of the item to be discussed.
  2. A quorum of any general meeting is to be at least one quarter of the membership.
  3. Voting will normally be by a show of hands; however a secret ballot must be taken should any member request that this be done. Proxy and postal votes will not be allowed.
  4. All proposals must be seconded and voted upon. A majority vote is required to carry any proposal.
  5. Amendments to proposals must be voted upon first.
  6. Non Committee members may attend Committee meetings as observers by applying to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Any non Committee Member may be asked to leave the meeting subject to approval from the Committee.
  7. Non club members may attend Club meetings as observers as invited guests of a club by applying to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Any non Club member may be asked to leave for part of the meeting subject to approval from the Committee, e.g. for discussion of confidential issue.
  8. The Committee, through the Chairman has the power to ask a person to leave any meeting in the event of that person disrupting the meeting.
  9. The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the club as and when they determine necessary. Members will be notified in writing with at least 14 days notice.
  10. The Secretary shall convene an EGM of the club on receipt of a request in writing signed by not less than one third of the members of the club, stating the business to be brought before the meeting, of which 28 days notice has been given to all members in writing stating the business to be discussed.
  11. When a request for a meeting is made as stated above and it is not called within 28 days, the requisitioners may themselves convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club by giving 28 days notice in writing to all members, duly setting out the purpose for which the meeting was called. Any resolutions passed at such a meeting shall have the same force and effect as if they were passed at a meeting convened by the Committee.
  12. Should it be considered necessary or desirable to dissolve the Club, the Committee will call an EGM. Should a quorum fail to appear, the meeting will be adjourned and a further EGM must be called. The second meeting will proceed even if a quorum is not present and the motion will then be carried by a simple majority vote.
  13. On dissolution and after the sale of assets, settlement of all outstanding debts and the refund of subscriptions for the remaining part of the year to the paid-up members; the funds remaining will shared by the fully paid-up members.
  14. If the final accounts are less than required to refund the subscriptions to the members, the total money remaining will be shared by fully paid-up members. All members will receive a final statement of accounts.

April 2007

Change History: 18.01.2008 Imported original 2007 constitution. Minor formatting changes for the web, fixed some punctuation.